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Oil and gas And petrochemical insustry

Our Oil and Gas Spare parts Group is a global engineering specialising in the procurement of spare parts and equipment used in the Oil, Gas, Power, Petrochemical & Mining Industries. Our comprehensive range of services provides innovative, effective, strategic and cost efficient solutions to all our clients’ technical and management needs. Whether our clients are involved in Oil Production, Drilling, Petrochemical processing, Power Production, Mining or Gas treatment, we help them to source their requested items at the best prices and shortest delivery times. Whether by sea, air or land, Zeochem B.V. has the expertise and experience to move all types of cargo with the same individual care and attention. We take pride in offering all our clients a first-rate service. we represent and distribute equipment for several manufacturers, most of which are registered on various approved vendor lists of some of the major oil and gas companies around the globe.

  • Oil: Our global experience gives us the advantage to offer our expertise in all continents around the globe, including Africa, Asia Requested items at the best prices.
  • Gas: Whether our clients are involved in Oil Production, Drilling, Petrochemical processing or Gas treatment, we can help them to source their requested items at the best prices.
  • Petrochemical: Our comprehensive range of services provide innovative, effective, strategic and cost efficient solutions to all our clients’ technical and management needs.
  • Mining: Our primary activities are based in Turkey And Middle East where our competitive advantage lies in our ability to identify areas of customer concern, manage logistics, procure effectively and deliver on time preventing unwanted shutdowns.
  • Power: Zeochem B.V. Industrial’s product knowledge offers key support to our power producing facilities around the globe. We are on hand to assist with urgent requirements as well as project managed installations.


Products we supply include, Valves, Drilling Equipment, Rotary Equipment, Pumps, Process Equipment, Instrumentation, Electrical, Safety Products, Maintenance, Repair & Operation Tools, Industrial Oil & Chemicals, HVAC & Refrigeration, Bulk Material, Heavy Plant Machinery & Vehicles.

We have a global presence in purchasing products for various sectors of the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining & Power Generation Industries, which include items such as the following:

Industrial Valve
Valves & Fittings

Ball valves are durable and usually work to achieve perfect shutoff even after years of disuse.

Used where isolation of a fluid or gas is required, the choice of valve depends on pressures, medium being handled and budget.

All Bronze Globe Valves are inside screw, rising stem pattern. Both union and screwed bonnet valves are available with a variety of seat and disk combinations.

Butterfly valves are specially designed for powder handling, economy butterly valves and all ways of actuating any type of butterfly valve from lever to electro-hydraulic are available.

A needle valve has a relatively small orifice with a long, tapered seat, and a needle-shaped plunger, on the end of a screw, which exactly fits this seat.

Plug valves are used as a reliable, cost effective alternative to ball or gate valves. They are suited to liquid, slurry and powder and are especially effective when handling abrasive products.

Used where precise control of a fluid or gas is required, the choice of flow control valve depends on pressures, medium being handled and budget.

A range of direct solenoid valves for the control of various process fluids from water to oil and gases. The direct solenoid valve is directly actuated by a solenoid.

drilling equipment
Drilling Equipment

We provide various types of Drilling Equipment, including drawworks, travelling blocks, generators, coiled tubing units, completion tools, oil tools, wireline handling systems, oilfield clutches and many others. We offer mechanical components for land and offshore drilling rigs, complete land drilling and well servicing rigs, tubular inspection and internal tubular coatings, drill string equipment, extensive lifting and handling equipment, and a wide range of downhole drilling motors, bits and tools.Zeochem B.V. Industrial utilises office located in Istanbul, providing quick and easy access to manufacturers when urgent requirements and negotiation of price discounts are needed; a vital element in the procurement process which enables Zeochem B.V. Industrial to be extremely competitive in providing the very best service and price possible. Zeochem B.V. has long-term associations with key manufacturers such as NOV, Hydril, Cameron, Eaton Airflex, Halliburton, Dresser Rand, GE, MI Swaco, Schlumberger, FMC, Baker Hughes and many more.

As with coiled tubing, we can offer a wide range of wireline equipment for use in wells reliant on gravity. Our USA office works closely with us on our clients requirements for wireline equipment.o.

A wide range for completion tools are available from a variety of manufactures, with everything you need to get your well ready for production. The completion tools are vital for the production start of your well, and we supplies only the best quality products at competitive pricing levels.

we supply a wide range of general oil tools from leading manufactures in their field, such as Baker Hughes, Elmar, Halliburton, Weatherford, Cameron and many more.

we supply such brands as Weatherford’s Iron Derrickman®; a pipe-handling system that mechanizes the process of lifting and moving stands of drillpipes and collars from hole-centre to programmed coordinates in the racking board. These tools offer a significant improvement in safety and productivity by eliminating the human derrick man position and moving floor-hands out of harm’s way.

Power Swivels are mostly hydraulic motor-driven pipe-rotating machines. They are simple, compact units supplied with a power supplier of the correct size and horsepower output to match the swivel, and with either air or electric remote control assemblies. Many Swivel assemblies are skid or trailer-mounted to form a rugged portable unit.

Drawworks are normally skid-mounted and designed for continuous drilling service. Providing the power to the rig, they are a vital element of the drilling system.

Travelling Blocks come in a broad range of sizes and models to meet any rating or specific application. Designs for direct-couple to top drives and motion compensating drawworks have been developed in order to enhance performance and operability.

Coiled tubing is normally 1″ to 3.25″ in diameter, used for interventions in oil and gas wells, and sometimes as production tubing in depleted gas wells, where it is usually spooled on a large reel. Coiled tubing is often used to carry out operations similar to wire lining, but the main benefits over wireline are the ability to pump chemicals through the coil, and the ability to push it into the hole rather than relying on gravity.

Varied instrumentation is used as an ongoing part of the drilling process, monitoring different aspects of the well and its status.

Many drilling rigs are in difficult and hard-to-reach locations, and generators are often required for power production, either using natural gas supply or liquid fuel.

Turbine, gas turbine, rotary turbine
Rotary Machinery

Zeochem B.V. have the experience necessary to manage your assets by providing all support services that will enable safe, reliable and cost effective operation. You can focus on managing your business while we take responsibility for the operation and system-reliability of your rotating equipment, by applying our industry leading technical expertise, QHSE procedures and management processes. We support a wide range of equipment from most major OEMs, including:Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Compressor, Gearboxes, Diesel Engines, Reciprocating Engines, Controls and instrumentation, Ancillaries and Accessories. Based on our relationships with main contractors and manufacturers, ranging from component repair and spare parts supply through to full workshop and in-field overhaul, Zeochem B.V. have the experience to address and meet the challenges that are unique to your operations. We deliver value-added services to improve the performance and reliability of your rotating equipment. Our core services include: 

  • Spare parts supply
  • Advanced technology component repair services for gas turbine part restoration
  • Global field services available on both planned and call-out basis
  • Gas turbine overhaul services delivered on-site or from certified workshops by approved contractors
  • Monitoring and diagnostics including predictive maintenance services to improve the performance and reliability of your turbo machinery by our approved consultants

Whatever your location or scale of operation, we apply more than 5 years of management and field service experience in oil & gas and power plant operations to deliver maintenance solutions, focused on improving the availability of your critical rotating equipment to minimise production downtime. Zeochem B.V. is a proven supplier of those hard-to-find spare parts, many of which may be obsolete from the manufacturer. We constantly monitor global stocking houses of spare parts for up-to-date market knowledge of those hard-to-locate spares.

A gas turbine is a type of internal combustion engine. It has an upstream rotating compressor coupled to a downstream turbine, and a combustion chamber. The high velocity and volume of the gas flow is directed through a nozzle over the turbine’s blades, spinning the turbine which then powers the compressor and, for some turbines, drives their mechanical output. The energy supplied to the turbine comes from the reduction in the temperature and pressure of the exhaust gas. Gas turbines are widely used in our specialist markets and as such we have in-depth experience in supporting such units.

A steam turbine is a device that extracts thermal energy from pressurized steam and uses it to carry out mechanical work on a rotating output shaft. Because the turbine generates rotary motion, it is particularly suited to be used to drive an electrical generator – a unit widely used in oil and gas facilities around the globe.

Compressors are similar to pumps, both increase the pressure on a fluid and both can transport the fluid through a pipe. As gases are compressible, the compressor also reduces the volume of a gas. Liquids are relatively incompressible; while some can be compressed, the main action of a pump is to pressurize and transport liquids.

Gearboxes are often referred to as transmission which simply uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device. Zeochem B.V. provides complete gearboxes and various spare parts from well known manufacturers such as Philadelphia Gear Corp and Western Gear Corp.

A reciprocating engine, also often known as a piston engine, is a heat engine that uses one or more reciprocating pistons to convert pressure into a rotating motion. The main types are: the internal combustion engine, used extensively in motor vehicles; the steam engine, the mainstay of many industrial applications and the niche application Stirling engine.

A diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition engine) is an internal combustion engine that uses the heat of compression to initiate ignition to burn the fuel that has been injected into the combustion chamber. This is in contrast to spark-ignition engines such as a petrol engine, which uses a spark plug to ignite an air-fuel mixture. The diesel engine has the highest thermal efficiency of any regular internal or external combustion engine due to its very high compression ratio. Diesel engines are manufactured in two-stroke and four-stroke versions.

Quality controls and instrumentation are required to ensure reliable operations for industrial engine applications: power generation, industrial and fire pumping, irrigation and agriculture, off-road and marine equipment, and oil and gas production. Zeochem B.V. is committed to understand and meet the requirements of our customers and we encourage all our employees to pursue continuous improvements in quality and productivity.

A wide range of ancillaries and accessories from filters to bearings are available from our extensive parts lists of various manufacturers. These items are required on a ongoing basis to ensure the smooth operation of various rotating equipment.


Zeochem B.V. are specialist industrial pump and spare part suppliers, offering excellent service levels with substantial cost savings to the customer. We have over 5 years of combined industry experience in the supply, installation and repair of pumps within the oil & gas, mining, petrochemical and power industries. Zeochem B.V. supply pumps in numerous styles and materials including: Peristaltic, Air Operated Diaphragm, Centrifugal, Multistage, Horizontal, Vertical, Submersible, Industrial, Chemical, Rotary Lobe, Progressive Cavity, Dosing, and Machine Coolant Pumps. As a major pump supplier, we are able to supply new pumps, spares and repairs to all pump manufacturers’ equipment, including such names as: Ebara, Grundfos, KSB, ABS, Flygt, Wilo, Calpeda, Ingersoll, Rand, Worthington Simpson, Wilden, Jabsco, Allweiller, Milton Roy, Orbit, SSP, SPP, Stork, Johnson, Depa, Flotronic, Versamatic, Tapflo, Godwin, Roach, Alfa Laval, Sundyne, Goulds, National, and Union. Zeochem B.V. offers the most competitive pricing in the industry. With a wealth of experience in engineering, coupled with our innovative sourcing practices, we are uniquely capable of providing our customers with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. We’ll help you make the right choices for your applications and provide helpful, accurate technical support.

An axial split case pump is a pump whose casing is split axially, or whose principal joint is parallel to the shaft centerline. The casing is split into an upper half and a lower half. An axially split case pumps is always a horizontal pump.

Centrifugal pumps are used to transport liquids/fluids by the conversion of the rotational kinetic energy to the hydro dynamics energy of the liquid flow.

We offer two distinct end suction pump designs, Both designs are suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting. Direct coupled end suction pumps and the long coupled end suction pumps

In-line design allows for straight pipe work which can reduce installation costs. Pumps can be supplied with ATEX certification if required and have a top pull out design for easy dismantling in case of service.

Screw Pumps can be supplied offering as single screw pumps (Eccentric Screw), double screw pumps and three screw pumps. Each offering differing performance for pressure and viscosity requirements.

Vertically suspended cantilever sump pumps, wet pit vertically suspended single-casing axial-flow pumps, double-casing diffuser vertically suspended pumps, for the petroleum and gas industrial services sector.

process equipment

 we are experienced in providing Filtration (Vessels & Filters), Heat Exchangers, Finned Tubing, Pipe & Tubing & Pipe Fabrications, separation and purification products from complex filtration vessels to basic pipe and fittings used in process assemblies. We provide solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of industries encompassing oil, gas, power, petrochemical and mining sectors. We work with our customers to advance health, safety and environmentally responsible technologies through our worldwide process industry contacts. Within the oil sector regardless of your specialization, upstream production or oil services Zeochem B.V. has filtration and separation solutions to meet your increasing production and processing needs. For more than 5 years, we have been a major equipment supplier to both onshore and offshore oil and gas companies. We aim to meet your requirements for separation efficiency, reliability, economy, and size.

Zeochem B.V. supplies High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA air filters. The filters meet the HEPA standard and are used in many applications, including use in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft, and oil refineries. The filter must satisfy certain standards of efficiency such as those set by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). To qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometre from the air that passes through.

A popular fin type Zeochem B.V. supply is the extruded fin type which is formed from a bi-metallic tube consisting of an aluminium outer tube and an inner tube of almost any material. The fin is formed by rolling material from the outside of the exterior tube to give an integral fin with excellent heat transfer properties and longevity. Extruded fin offers excellent corrosion protection of the base tube.

Zeochem B.V. offers a wide range of complete units and spare parts for heat exchangers, a heat exchanger is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another. The media may be separated by a solid wall, so that they never mix, or they may be in direct contact. They are widely used in space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment.

Zeochem B.V. supplies a wide range of pipe of tubing and specialises in stainless steel tubing which is piping that contains iron-based alloys, usually involving at the minimum 11.5 percent chromium. Other elements are added, such as nickel, to allow the tubing to have certain properties, such as a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation even in high temperatures. The resistance to oxidation and corrosion increases with an increased amount of chromium. The walls of the tubing are thinner than other piping because of the pipe’s ability to stave off corrosion. It is also welded together when fitting two pipes together, so threading of the tubing is not necessary, which allows for fewer leaks and sturdier seals.

In many industry sectors specialist pipe fabrications may be required; Zeochem B.V. has the contacts in place to provide you with a timely and cost effective solution for those special requirements.


Zeochem B.V. provides a wide range of instrumentation for the oil, gas, mining, power and petrochemical industries such as Flowmeters, Recording Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Pressure Gauges & Averaging Sensors. We deliver projects to your required schedule, managing multiple and diverse technologies, automation, maintenance and business system integration, and lifecycle costs. Zeochem B.V. is an approved distributor of Budenberg Gauges, an established market leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure and temperature gauges, along with instrumentation valves and calibration services. Zeochem B.V. is also an authorised reseller for WW Grainger Inc, a USA-based company with over 800,000 products, many in stock. Zeochem’s relationship with WW Grainger Inc allows us to call on a host of manufacturer’s products with a quick delivery and low price, offering brands such as Fluke, MSA, Extech, 3M, Megger, Ashcroft, Fisher, Tyco, Honeywell, Emerson, Ametek, Dwyer and many others. Zeochem B.V. is ideally positioned to assist with all your instrumentation requirements at discounted prices, and our extensive project management experience, coupled with a structured implementation approach and early involvement in the project, can significantly reduce rework and associated costs later in the project.

Standard test gauge available in 150mm, 200mm and 250mm dial sizes and provides 0.25% accuracy.

Standard Process Gauge, Monel Wetted Parts Process Gauge, Lower Cost Process Gauge, Low Pressure Gauge & Larger Dial Gauges.

Bi-Metallic Thermometers, Gas Filled Thermometer, Mercury Filled Thermometer & Thermowells.

Schaffer Diaphragm (Screwed & Flanged Connections), Welded Screwed Diaphragm, Seal Clamped Screwed Diaphragm, Seal Welded Flanged Diaphragm, Seal Clamped Flanged Diaphragm & Seal Hygienic Diaphragm Seals.

Bourdon Tube Differential, Diaphragm Differential & Bellows Differential.

Standard Brass/Bronze Small Dial Gauge, Low Pressure Small Dial Gauge, Beryllium Copper Small Dial Gauge, High Pressure Small Dial Gauge & Stainless Steel Small Dial Gauges.

Standard Brass/Bronze Small Dial Gauge, Low Pressure Small Dial Gauge, Beryllium Copper Small Dial Gauge, High Pressure Small Dial Gauge & Stainless Steel Small Dial Gauges.

Standard Brass/Bronze Small Dial Gauge, Low Pressure Small Dial Gauge, Beryllium Copper Small Dial Gauge, High Pressure Small Dial Gauge & Stainless Steel Small Dial Gauges.

Blowers & Fans

We are able to offer substantial discounts from main line manufacturers such as Xpelair, Vent-Axia, Moore Fans, Gardner Denver and many more. A wide range of blowers and fans are available thanks to strong relationships between Zeochem B.V. Industrial and their supply chain.

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