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In today’s fast paced world, having the right part can mean the difference between “on-time” and “off-line.” You can rely on Zeochem B.V. International Ltd to consistently deliver the complex machined parts you need to keep operations humming in the railroad industries. Our reputation in the industry is unparalleled and is a direct reflection of our dedication to providing quality products at competitive prices. Combine this with our commitment to integrity at every level of our business and you have the obvious solution to all your part manufacturing and distribution needs.

Zeochem B.V. is a wholesale distributor of of complex machined parts to customers in the Locomotive and marine. You can expect nothing less than the best in terms of selection, quality and service, without sacrificing competitive pricing or personal integrity.



We supply spare parts for EMD – GE – ALCO Locomotives. Our area of expertise covers Engine, Traction Motor and Turbo Charger complete assembly, and most of the OEM equal spare parts.

We assure the highest quality of our supplied products which are manufactured by the North American well-known, AAR or ISO9001 certified manufacturers. If you require obsolete parts, design change, or a new custom part design, we would make certain our parts will conform to your specifications.

The field of transportation is constantly changing and so we are. At Zeochem B.V. we ensure we stick to the highest and newest industry standards in our supplied parts. Zeochem B.V. strives to work with you no matter your geographical location and your annual procurement size. 

diesel locomotive components


EMD, General Motors Electro-Motive Diesel Division (now owned by Caterpillar) offers an extensive range of locomotive products in the rail industry. 

Zeochem B.V. carries a large inventory of aftermarket EMD locomotive parts.

GE’s presence in Our main markets back to 1902 when India’s first hydropower plant was installed. Today we bring the best of GE to our market by creating technologies and innovations in north America, for our customers.

Although the American Locomotive Company closed its doors nearly 50 years ago, their diesel-electric engines are still used around the world. Zeochem B.V. currently offers an array of engine components for the ALCO series.



Ge & GM locomotives

Zeochem B.V. locomotive supplies all the Locomotive New and Rebuilt spare parts and components that railroads and shops need for the repair and maintenance of GE, EMD and Alco locomotives.

Our Locomotive group focuses our service on industrial locomotive applications at mines, steel mills, marine, refineries, and utility power plants. We understand the responsiveness necessary to keep your locomotive assets in production. We commonly partner with electric apparatus repair shops to serve industrial locomotive operators who need help with their traction motor, alternator, generator, and locomotive electrical systems maintenance.

For years, our company has been both suppliers to, and customers of the primary locomotive manufacturers including Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. (EMD), Wabtec-General Electric Transportation (GE), ABB, Siemens, and Alstom.

If needed, we can supply replacement components of our partner manufactured items for Electro-Motive Diesel., General Electric, and Alco locomotives.

With many locomotive spare parts no longer available or being obsolete and/or inactive from the OEM, IRG Power Systems can provide manufacturing services including reverse engineering to help a locomotive owner solve their spare part challenges.

We are capable to supply complete brand-new, American origin traction motors as listed below to OEM specification:

  • New 645 and 710 Engine Block
  • Rebuilt and Utex567, 645 and 710 and 645 Engine Block
  • New 710 Engine Oil Pan
  • Cylinder Liner (Chrome and Laser Hardened)
  • Cylinder Head
  • Piston and Piston Crown
  • Connecting Rod (Fork and Blade)
  • Piston Carrier
  • Piston Pin
  • Piston Ring Sets
  • Liner Studs
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Rocker Arms, Shafts and Bridges
  • Line Assembly (Lube Oils and Fuel)
  • Exhaust Valves
  • After Cooler Assemblies
  • Engine Starters
  • Engine Bearings and Thrust Bearings
  • Crankshafts
  • Camshafts, Brackets and counter weights
  • Damper Assemblies
  • Gears and Gear Assemblies
  • Engine Coupling Disk
  • Over-speed Trip Linkage
  • Engine Low Water Detectors
  • Water Pumps & repair kit
  • Piston Cooling, Pressure and Scavenging Pump
  • Lube Oil Strainer
  • Lube Oil Manifold Assembly
  • Lube oil filters and housings
  • Exhaust Chambers, Expansion Joints and Turbo Screens
  • Heat Shield and Silencers
  • DC electric Motors
  • Carbon Brushes

We are capable to supply complete brand-new, American origin traction motors as listed below to OEM specification:

  • EMD D29 / D31
  • EMD D43
  • EMD D77 / D78
  • EMD D87 / D87B
  • EMD D78BTR / D87BTR
  • EMD D90 / D100
  • GE 761 A15 to A23
  • EMD D29 / D31
  • EMD D43
  • EMD D77 / D78
  • EMD D87 / D87B
  • EMD D78BTR / D87BTR
  • EMD D90 / D100
  • GE 761 A15 to A23
  • and also Truck Assembly,  Generators & Alternators and spare parts, Brake System, Fans and Blowers, Control System, Compressed Air system, Carbody and Platform and etc.

in addition, we can offers re-manufactured locomotive and marine  components. These include mechanical systems such as engines, trucks, cooling systems, and compressors.  Electrical components include rotating electrical such as alternators, generators, fans as well as control systems, relays, modules, contactors and traction motors.

we can provide full locomotive overhauls or re-manufacturing capabilities. These include “as built” overhauls or upgrades to existing designs. All of our services are based on years of experience.


Auxiliary Generators And Alternators:

Auxiliary generators and auxiliary alternators provide electric power to the auxiliary devices of the locomotive electrical system. Auxiliary power generation units are driven by the locomotive diesel engine and operate concurrently with the main power generating equipment.​

Blower Assemblies

Blower Assemblies:

Blower assemblies, installed in the locomotives and mass transit vehicles, are utilized to help dissipate heat generated by the propulsion system equipment. Blower assemblies provide continuous flow of cooling air to the designated devices, thus maintaining optimum ambient conditions for the reliable and efficient operation of the propulsion system.

Cooling Fan Assemblies

Cooling Fan Assemblies:

Cooling fan assembly is a vital part of the locomotive radiator system. A reliable and efficient operation of cooling fan assembly ensures effective functionality of the radiator system, which maintains optimum operating temperature of the locomotive engine system equipment.

Main Generator EMD locomotive

Main Generators & Alternators:

Main generators and main alternators, including their companion units, are distinct power sources that supply electrical energy to locomotive propulsion system. Their functional reliability and operational durability are essential features that ensure uninterrupted supply of traction power to the passenger and freight trains.

Wheel Sets

Wheel Set:

Wheel set is the wheels and axle assembly for locomotives, transit vehicles and freight cars.

Traction motor of locomotive

Traction Motor:

Traction motors are the key components of complex propulsion systems that drive freight locomotives and passenger transit vehicles. The operational performance of traction motors directly affects the efficiency and dependability of services provided by Rail Transportation and Mass Transit industries. Therefore, reliable, long-lasting traction motors are the indispensable commodity sought by sourcing managers and demanded by fleet operators.

Zeochem B.V. supports and services the following representative models of traction motors:

  • ABB ALP-44, 4EOL2050, 4ELO2060, 4EBG2740, MJA-300, MJB-260, LJM 290-5
  • Alstom 4LCA1640, 4FXA 4550, 6FXA 4057A
  • Bombardier ALP-45 & ALP-46 (MITRAC Series), 6RIA 4548D, LIM MKI, LIM MKII
  • EMD D17, D29, D37, D43, D47, D57, D77, D78, D87, D90, D100
  • GE 731, 747, 751, 752, 761, 763, 764, GEB7, – GEB13, GEB15, 1250, 1252, 1255, 1257, 1258, 1259, 1261, 1262, 1264, 1266
  • Mitsubishi MB-5088-A
  • Toshiba SAE 390
  • Siemens 1KB2021, 1KB2121, 1TB1921, 1TB2006, 1TB2606, 1TB2624, 1TB2630, 1TB2830, VT-NMA
  • Westinghouse 1447, 1460, 1461, 1462, 1463, 1506, 1507, 1508, 1509
  • VEM Group DKV Series, DKC Series
Wheel Sets

Wheel Set:

Wheel set is the wheels and axle assembly for locomotives, transit vehicles and freight cars.



Pinions are a small circular gear installed on the drive end of traction motor’s shaft. Pinions are usually engaged with a bull gear and transmit rotary movement of the motor’s shaft to the driven load. There are various types and sizes of pinions, with different number of teeth. Special procedures are used for pinion installation on and removal from the motor’s shaft. The selection of a proper pinion gear depends on the required gear ratio of the drive system. Zeochem B.V. supplies new pinions and delivers a complete range of pinion services.

American bearings


Bearings are high-precision devices utilized in mechanical systems to enable efficient rotary or linear movement by reducing friction and supporting load. In electrical rotating machines bearings are critical components, wherein their functionality directly affects the machine’s performance and reliability. Considering the choice of bearing features diverse types such as: ball or roller, sealed or open, insulated or non-insulated, riveted cage or solid brass cage, steel or hybrid, standard or custom, the bearing sourcing process and subsequent availability options for a specific product may present certain challenges.

Seals, O-Rings And Gaskets

Seals, O-Rings and Gaskets:

Seals, O-Rings, and Gaskets are uniquely shaped pieces of specific material, designed to fill space between mating surfaces in electrical rotating machines, and to create an effective adhesive seal to prevent entry into or leakage from machine’s joint components.

EMD shafts


Shafts are a component of an armature assembly or a rotor assembly in an electrical rotating machine. The shaft’s purpose is to transmit mechanical power into or from an electrical rotating machine. Shafts are designed and manufactured to high tolerances for a specific electrical rotating machine. Worn, damaged, or otherwise non-conforming shafts can be removed from armature and rotor assemblies and replaced with new shafts. The special process of shaft replacement ensures accurate positioning and exact alignment of new shafts.

stator assemblies

Stator Assemblies:

Stators are a stationary component of an AC electrical rotating machine and a part of AC machine’s electromagnetic system. Stator cores are constructed from laminated steel segments in accordance with the design parameters of a specific electrical machine. Stator cores may be inserted into a frame assembly or formed as a laminated steel frame. Stator cores can be bare or fully wound and vacuum pressure impregnated, thus creating a complete stator.

Zeochem B.V. recognizes that a wide range of propulsion systems’ components are no longer fully supported by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. To address this critical industry problem, Zeochem B.V. operates dedicated engineering and manufacturing programs to ensure the availability of high quality parts and sub-assemblies that necessary for the complete rehabilitation of various traction motors, generators, alternators and auxiliary power equipment.

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