Zeochem B.V. is one of the leading Stockist and supplier (Importer – Exporter -whole seller) of Heavy Equipments in the Middle East and Africa region. Over the years Zeochem B.V. has steadily expanded without compromising on its fundamental commitment, to promote and strengthen its partnership with major suppliers and customers. Zeochem B.V. is located in Istanbul,  having offices and storage facilities in Turkey. As Zeochem B.V. we are dedicated to being an active and accountable participant in the community and the environment we represent. Sourcing and Marketing are our key competencies to deliver what we promise to our customers in Ewe assure worldwide, reliable commodity supplies at competitive prices. Our core values are based on building long lasting relationship with both our suppliers and customers. Zeochem B.V. places itself as Supplier of Chemical and Petrochemical products, Heavy Equipment parts, Locomotive parts and spare parts.
At HaZeochem B.V.ltic Foreign Trade we move into the future by continuously expanding our product portfolio in order to serve the needs of the growing market. We improve our trading activities with strategic positioning into marketplaces where we operate as your partner. Zeochem B.V. stands firm in its commitment to the environment to help shaping the new markets.

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We handle a wide range of products taking from Petrochemical, Petroleum and chemical Products to Mineral products such as Copper rod to Petroleum such as Bitumen, Paraffin Wax and so on.
Adding to this, would like to introduce ourselves as Heavy Equipments supplier in our main markets. we supplying many range of Oil and Gas Equipment, EMD locomotive spare parts and offering unique service of specialist stock inventory of regular and potential, different sizes and specifications of Oil Field Equipment
Being privately-owned and independent, with a flat hierarchical structure, allows Zeochem B.V. to act swiftly and decisively in volatile and rapidly changing market environments. This key advantage enables Zeochem B.V. to react faster and more effectively than its competitors to imbalances in the market.  It also enables Zeochem B.V. to penetrate into emerging markets when the opportunity arises and to develop innovative products and creative solutions.




Comes from our ability to work quickly and effectively in changing markets, to ensure that we provide fast, on time solutions to the urgent needs of clients as well as building lasting relationships based on trust and understanding. Now over the years we have grown into a global company with local reach across the world. But we have maintained our principles – to add value to our customers and provide service in all aspects of our business. We offer a unique combination of global reach, fast and effective communication, technical skills, market knowledge and an absolute commitment to customer and supplier partnerships.  
Zeochem B.V. core strength
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